Guilty Plea for Ex-IRS Agent for Hiring Hit Man

An  Ex-IRS Agent has entered a guilty plea to a long list of criminal charges that no government agent should ever have on his record—including murder-for-hire, witness tampering involved attempted murder, solicitation of a crime of violence, mail fraud, filing false tax return, Social Security fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering—in a San Diego federal courthouse. The total amount of counts against him was twelve.

While entering his plea, Mr. Martinez admitted to soliciting a third party to murder four of his former clients, individuals who had been victims of his tax fraud scheme. The four individuals on whom he placed a hit were scheduled to testify against him in his pending criminal case. He instructed Norman Thellman, his limo driver, to deliver $100,000 in cash to a man he has hired as a hit man. He even specified as to the number of guns and for whom to use them.

The hit man that he hired, though, contacted the FBI instead of following through with hit. A complaint states that a meeting between the hit man and Mr. Martinez was then subsequently recorded.

Martinez admitted in court to having attempted to prevent the former client’s testimony by offering the hit man to kill them for the specified amount of money. He also admitted to having committed tax fraud, defrauding his clients through falsified tax returns. Mr. Martinez would present these tax returns to the individuals with falsified amounts due, and ask that they make their payments to an alleged client trust account, not the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board. Instead of depositing the amounts from the taxes into a trust account as promised, as well as estimated payments he received throughout the year, Mr. Martinez would deposit the money in several different accounts of his own.

To cover his deceit, Mr. Martinez went so far as to file a false return that indicated his clients owed little or no money to the IRS. Mr. Martinez collected an estimated $11 million and used the money for his own personal benefit, making home improvements and buying property.

Unfortunately, the long list continues of crimes Mr. Martinez committed, including using his client’s Social Security numbers and falsifying his own tax returns.

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