Fashion Queen Anna Wintour’s Boyfriend Owes IRS Over $1 Million

According to a report in the Telegraph covered by the Huffington Post, Vogue Editor Fashion Queen Anna Wintour’s Boyfriend Owes IRS $1.2 million in taxes. Bryan, a former Clinton advisor and telecommunications executive, has owed the IRS the significant sum for several years, beginning in 2006.

Bryan’s tax troubles include outstanding property taxes, as well as a failure to file by the companies he owns in the energy industry.

Bryan, whose personal wealth once numbered an estimated $30 million in 1999, saw his wealth decline during the years of the financial instability.

The article reports that Bryan has paid back about $400,000 of a $1.6 million tax liability. When asked about his tax situation, Bryan answered that the IRS had been very accommodating, and that while he wishes he could have paid off the entire tax bill, his current financial situation did not allow it. Bryan has worked out a payment plan with the IRS.

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