Interim Chief May Lead IRS into Difficult 2013 Tax Season

According to an article in Reuters today, the IRS will most likely be lead by an interim chief after current IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman steps down when his term ends mid-November.

Although many tax lawyers see this as an inconvenient time for turnover, they also see the IRS official that they predict will be appointed as interim boss as a very capable individual. The prediction of tax attorneys is that the Obama Administration will select Steven Miller to act as chief at the time that Shulman steps down.

Miller, who currently serves as IRS deputy commissioner for services and enforcement, is a familiar face to tax attorneys, as he has spent 20 years in the agency. He has also held several leadership positions, including serving as head of the IRS’ exempt organizations division and working with Congress in the Joint Committee of Taxation.

Tax attorneys remark that this is an extremely complicated tax season for the IRS, as a result of the “fiscal cliff” that Congress faces. Taxpayers will see ordinary income and investment income tax rates rise quickly if lawmakers do not extend the deep cuts made under Bush.

This is not the only tax issue weighing on the minds of taxpayers, tax attorneys, and the IRS. Congress has also failed act on several more tax issues, some of which include extending temporary tax provisions and constraining the Alternative Minimum Tax.

The upcoming changes to the healthcare system, of which the IRS still has a murky part, are also issues that an interim chief would have to face.

Tax attorneys, both wary and optimistic, will certainly keep on eye of the changing landscape of the Internal Revenue Service.


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