IRS Fraud Investigator Commits Fraud

Fraud Investigator Agent Beverly Hood of the Fraud Investigation Division testified against several defendants being investigated for something which she, herself, had been investigated: mortgage fraud.

According to reports, Ms. Hood and her husband fell on hard times like many other Americans, filing for bankruptcy at the end of 2009. It is what she did afterward that caused her to be investigated after one the agents she supervised filed a whistleblower complaint against her. After filing for bankruptcy, she and her husband lived in their home for 2 years without making a single mortgage payment. When she was called in by investigators after the complaint was filed, Ms. Hood had no idea why she was being summoned.

While the investigation of mortgage fraud didn’t go past the interviews, it was still embarrassing for Ms. Hood, whose personal financial disaster became the subject of talk among her peers. The fraud investigator bankruptcy filings and unpaid mortgage payments are the markers that would attract IRS’ attention to the average taxpayer. Ms. Hood found out that, especially as an agent, she was no exception.

Ms. Hood, who has had an esteemed career investigating fraud across the country, is seeking to put the past behind her.

If you find yourself in a precarious financial situation, with the IRS investigating you, please contact a tax attorney with experience in dealing with the IRS.


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