Hurricane Sandy: IRS Warns of Scams in Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy, IRS spokesman Mark Hanson warned that individuals to be cautious in the aftermath, as there are unscrupulous individuals who see the disaster as an opportunity to prey upon the unsuspecting.

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

With social media and the news disseminating stories of the destruction on the East Coast as a result of Hurricane Sandy, taxpayers may feel the need to donate to charities that promise to use the money to assist in the clean-up and rebuilding of towns affected by the storm. Unwary individuals who do not do their research before donating may find themselves giving money to scam artists, who inevitably appear where there is opportunity for exploitation.

To ensure that the money they donate is going to the right source, the IRS recommends visiting its website to confirm the validity of the organizations.

The IRS also recommends that taxpayers check the IRS website to ensure that deductions for such contributions are properly made.

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