IRS Agent has Legal Troubles

An article in today’s New York Times discussed the hatred of one former IRS agent for the agency he once worked for, and the consequences of allegedly violating federal laws against conflict of interest and illegally disclosing confidential IRS information.

The complaint filed last Thursday illuminated these charges, also noting that Lerner has expressed how much he hated his job in a series of emails he had addressed to a friend. In one email, the IRS Agent even went so far as to say, “I get paid next to nothing and work with fools,” and calling his manager an idiot.

IRS Agent

According to the complaint, Lerner was extremely unhappy with his job with the Internal Revenue Service that, while still employed, he negotiated with a bank he was auditing for employment. Once he had commenced his job at the bank, Lerner disclosed the name of an employee who had acted as a whistleblower in the audit he had conducted while at the IRS to another bank employee.

After being arrested on Thursday at his home in New Jersey, Lerner was released on bond.


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