Memphis Woman Sentenced to Prison for Fraud Scheme

According to the Memphis Business Journal, a Memphis woman was sentenced to almost 22 years in prison for a fraud scheme carried out over a two year period, 2006 to 2008. The woman, Aundria Bryant-Branch, was also ordered to pay restitution for a scheme with which she defrauded many taxpayers with information stolen from the Memphis Police Department.

The federal indictment stated that Bryant-Branch’s scheme included obtaining stolen identification information and “Warrant Book” from the Memphis Police Department. After obtaining the stolen information, Bryant-Branch would then pass along the information to individuals. The individuals who received the stolen information would then use the information to prepare and file false returns without the knowledge of the taxpayers.

Not only will Bryant-Branch have to serve time in jail, but she will also have to pay restitution. Judge Jon P. McCalla ordered her to pay a little less than $700,000 to the Internal Revenue Service. Once her prison time is over, she may be subject to monitoring for up to three years.

The U.S. attorney that prosecuted the case, Edward L. Stanton III, remarked that because she embarked on such a “brazen criminal scheme,” she now faces significant jail time and fines. Included in the attorney’s statement was a reiteration of the pledge of the government to work with the IRS to bring individuals who steal from honest, taxpaying Americans to justice.

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