Professional Gaming

Professional Gambler/Gaming Solutions

Professional gamblers and gamers have unique issues with respect to resolving IRS problems. The lead partners of Segal, Cohen & Landis LLP, (Samuel Landis and Gregory Segal) have an extensive history resolving both simple and complex IRS issues for professional gamblers. Please note the following:

  1. All communication with Segal, Cohen & Landis LLP is strictly confidential and protected by Attorney/Client privilege.
  2. Segal, Cohen & Landis LLP has offices conveniently located in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, and New York (among other areas) to service this distinct and unique clientele.
  3. Segal, Cohen & Landis LLP aggressively pursues settlements and reduction in tax due for this specific industry.
  4. Gaming clients of Segal, Cohen & Landis LLP will not have to fear owning real estate, having bank accounts, owing corporations and operating their personal finances in a professional manner.

If you are a professional gambler/gamer please call specifically for Joseph Purcell at (646) 320-1250.