Real Housewife Finds Herself in Real IRS Trouble

Miami Socialite, Alexia Echeverria of “Real Housewives of Miami” fame, is being chased by the taxman. Echeverria and her husband, Herman, whose lives are soap opera-like in their reality television intensity, are facing a very real IRS tax issue.

Papers filed with Miami-Dade County indicate that the IRS believes the Real Housewife Echeverrias have not been paying the full amount required by their 2009 income tax return. According to the report, the total amount due is over $90,000.

The IRS has attempted several times to collect the bill, but the couple has not yet responded. As the IRS will do when taxpayers are unresponsive, the agency filed a tax lien on the Echeverria’s million dollar Miami Beach home. Despite the fact that the lien was filed in May of this year, the tax bill has not yet been resolved.

In case Echeverria has not had a moment to research what an IRS tax lien is, how it affects a taxpayer, and how to release it, here is a quick overview:

One of the most common tools that the IRS has to catch the attention of a delinquent taxpayer is a tax lien. A tax lien is a legal claim against your property. The IRS files a lien when a taxpayer neglects, fails, or are unable to pay back taxes. The IRS uses a tax lien to protect the interest of the government in all of a taxpayer’s property—including real estate, personal property, and financial assets. The lien is filed once the IRS assesses the taxpayer’s tax liability, sends a notice that indicates the amount that the taxpayer owes, and the taxpayer does not pay the tax debt in a timely manner, whether intentionally or not.

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