Tax Lawyer, Roni L. Deutch’s troubles continue

Tax lawyer, Roni Deutch pled not guilty last Friday to contempt of court charges filed
against her in a Sacramento California Superior Court. The contempt charges arise
from an allegation by the California Attorney General’s Office that Ms. Deutch violated
Court orders by shredding documents and failing to pay tax refunds to clients.

In August 2010, the IRS tax attorney was sued for $34 million dollars by the Attorney
General’s Office which alleged the tax lawyer had swindled hundreds of clients who had
gone to her tax resolution service to help resolve such things as their back taxes, IRS
liens, IRS levies, and/or IRS wage garnishments.

IRS attorneys following the case, note that in April 2011 the Court froze Ms. Deutch’s
assets in response to the Attorney General’s request for contempt charges. On
May 12, 2011, the tax lawyer shut down her $25 million dollar a year practice telling
reporters “I’m not the monster the Attorney General made me out to be.”

As some of “The Tax Lady’s” former clients come forward with disturbing allegations of
bogus billing and no work being performed on their cases, many find themselves further
in debt and no closer to a resolution of their tax problems. While such allegations are
unfortunately too common in the tax resolution services industry, many IRS attorneys
say it is extremely rare to have a law firm implicated in such conduct.

Ordinarily, hiring an IRS tax attorney, rather than a tax resolution company which
uses CPA’s, former IRS employees and/or enrolled agents is a safer move for most
taxpayers in trouble with the IRS. Attorneys are held to higher ethical standards and
are monitored by State Bars tasked with protecting the public. Further, communications
with non-attorneys are not privileged and the IRS may call your non-attorney
representative as a witness against you. Additionally, a tax lawyer possess the
necessary skills and training to provide you with more options in resolving your tax
matter and can take your case to Tax Court, U.S. District Court or Claims Court if

But with most things in life, deciding which tax professional to hire requires doing your
homework. Information is available about IRS tax attorneys from the Better Business
Bureau, the State Bars where the IRS attorneys are admitted, and even the IRS itself.
Ultimately, however, it is your responsibility to fix your own tax problems and get help if
you need it from the right tax lawyer or other tax professional.



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